It is made for 8 -9 ounce Latigo leather. It can be made in Black, Russet Brown, DarkBrown (as seen in the picture) or 2-Tone. To make the 2-Tone, I start will Russet Brown leather, I then hand dye a 3/4" wide Black border on to each part of the Baldric. The hardware on the Merchants Baldric is an nickel roller buckle with nickel finish rivets and Chicago screws.


I also offer this baldric with brass roller buckle and brass hardware. I have just added two new Forged Buckles that you can choose from for the Merchants Baldric. These are beautiful forged Iron Square or Round buckles with a flat black finish, these buckles come with black hardware.


The Merchants Baldric has decorative lines running down the outside of the straps. Of all the Baldrics that I offer this is the most popular.


These will hold any size sword and scabbard from a rapier to a hand and a half. The frog (this is the part that holds the sword) is held in place with 4 Chicago screws, and it very eases to adjust the frog so that it will hold your swords scabbard firmly (this is also where you can change it to Left-hand Draw or Right-hand Draw).

The Merchants Baldric

Leather Color
Hardware / Buckle Color