This Baldric is comfortable and adjustable. That's right it is adjustable, it can be a left-hand draw or right-hand Draw.

You can even adjust it to fit your sword.


These baldrics come with 2½ inch wide 8-9 ounce Latigo leather. I make them in Black, Dark Brown, or Russet Brown which is shown in the picture, or in 2-Tone. To make the 2-Tone, I start will Russet Brown leather, I then hand dye a 3/4" wide Black border on to each part of the Baldric.


The Baldric comes with your choice of Solid Brass Buckle and Brass hardware, Hammered Pewter Buckle Nickle hardware, or Forged Black Iron Buckle and Black Hardware.  These Baldrics are fully adjustable for left or right-hand draw.


The frog has a single sturdy strap held by 2 Chicago screws for easy adjustment. They will hold from a rapier to a long sword easily.

Pirate Deck Hand Baldric

Leather Color
Hardware / Buckle Color