This is the New 2½” Classic Kilt Belt. I first designed this belt back in July 2006, I was working the Utilikilt booth at the Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. These belts will work on most Kilts.


Each belt is made from 8 – 10 ounce California Latigo Leather for years of use.  These belts are 2 1/2" wide but otherwise, are just like the belt you use for your pants.


Step 1. Select your belt Size (Put your Kilt on, take a tape measure or a heavy cord feed it through the loops like you would your belt. If you used the cord, measure the cord and add 2” to the total length. If you used a tape measure add 2” to the total.) Each belt has 3” of adjustment up & down. 


Step 2. Chose the color you want:  The choices are Black, Russet Brown, or Dark Brown  


Step 3. Chose the Buckle you would like to have; just scroll down to find them. There are three choices, The 1720 Pewter buckle, The Solid Brass Rectangular buckle, or The Roller Buckle.

New 2½” Classic Kilt Belts 30″ – 60″

Leather Color