Captain J Sparrow Baldric $130.00ea. Being worn by a professional Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator. I was inspired by the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow to create this Baldric.


My Captain J Sparrow Baldric is made of 2½” wide Russet Brown 8-9 ounce Latigo leather (but you can order it in Black or Dark Brown). The buckle is custom made for Blackbeard’s Landing, it is made of solid pewter.


The length of the Baldric can be adjusted to fit most folks, and the frog can be adjusted to hold a rapier, Cutlass, or most any other type of sword that would fit in with the style of this rig. It has embossed stitching down both sides of the straps to give the illusion that is has been hand stitched. The rivets and Chicago screws are normally nickel plated, but brass can be used if requested when ordered.



Captain J Sparrow Baldric

Leather Color