Mug Strap, Tankard Strap by any other name, will still hold your Tankard, Mug, Jack, or Goblet on your belt. Ready for when you will need it.


If you want something to hang your tankard from that is High Quality but at a low price, this is the one for you. Just like all of my other tankard straps, this is handcrafted from top grain 8 10 ounce Calif Latago leather. 

The dimensions are 1½” wide, x 6” long closed (open 11”), the strap to hold the handle is 7” long.


With a lot of extra bling added and different type of closer for added security. These Mug straps are 1½” wide. I make these out of Russet Brown leather, then I painstakingly hand dye the black border, then I cut in the decorative lines.


They have a very ornately cast Celtic Hart Concho with a nickel finish attached just above the nickel finish swing clasp that keeps your tankard on your belt for you.

2-Tone Celtic Hart Mug Strap