Thomas Blackbeard

Owner Thomas Blackbeard has been working and playing in Renaissance fairs for more than 20 years. He started off working ale stands at the Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1988, the first year it moved to San Bernardino.

He ended up getting involved with some of the acting groups and then got into live steel fighting. It was this that got him working on leather as he needed to make armor, sword hangers, and scabbards. During the next 10 years, he continued to improve his craft. In 2002, he was taken on as an apprentice by master leather worker Don Humble (Thl Gaius Grachus in the SCA). In October of 2005, he earned the honor of Master Leatherworker from Master Grachus.

Thomas has also done some background acting and occasionally supplies leatherwork to movies, including the film Blood Legend.


Certificate of Appreciation of the Marine Corps League

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